Tubing and Tubing Connectors

Tubing and tubing connectors
Tubes and fittings
There is an ideal combination of tubing and fitting for every application:
  • Versatile: PUN/QS
  • Economical I: PUN-E/QS-B
  • Economical II: PEN/QS-B
  • Hydrolysis-resistant: PUN-H/QS
  • Pressure-resistant I: PAN/QS
  • Pressure-resistant II: PAN-R/QS-F
  • Resistant to welding spatter I: PUN-V0-B/QS-F
  • Resistant to welding spatter II: PUN-V0/QS-V0
  • Flame-retardant: PUN-VO/QS-F
  • Antistatic: PUN-CM/QS-F
  • Heat-resistant: PFAN/QS-F
  • Resistant to cleaning agents: PLN/QS-F
  • Approved for use in the food industry: PUN-H/QS-F
  • Resistant to media: PFAN/CRQS
  • Resilient: PX/CX

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Spiral tubing PUN-S
Spiral tubing PUN-S
  • Tailored to all fittings and couplings with standard I.D. and O.D. tubing
  • Pre-assembled
  • Suitable for compressed air and vacuum
  • Various lengths and diameters, also as welded tubing pair (DUO)
Couplings KD, KS
Coupling KD
  • Nominal sizes 2 … 13 mm
  • Quick couplings KD…-R: shut-off on both sides
  • Safety couplings KDS with patented release principle: turn, pull, release
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Rotary distributor GF
Tubes and fittings
  • Flexible media supply and return thanks to radial and axial inputs and outputs
  • Reliable transmission of powering media thanks to the compact and sturdy design with double bearing

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