Pneumatic Drives

Standards-based cylinders
Cylinders with piston rod
Rodless cylinders
Semi-rotary drives
Cushioning components
Standard cylinders to ISO standard 6432, ISO 15552 and ISO 21287: for use in the clean room and in the food industry
Cylinders with piston rod, available as short-stroke cylinders, round cylinders or in hygiene design
Rodless, space-saving linear drives
Compact swivel modules with minimum space requirement, also available as modular twin piston rotary actuators
Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable or self-adjusting cushioning
Function-oriented drives
Pneumatic drives with linear guide
Handling units
Accessories for pneumatic drives
Cylinders for special applications, e.g. as bellows cylinder, clamping module, clamping unit or fluidic muscle
For precision and drive quality – mini slides and guide units available in different sizes
High-speed Pick & Place units and linear modules for fast and precise handling
Parallel grippers, three-point grippers, angle grippers and radial grippers
Piston rod attachments, guide units, proximity sensors and position transmitter
Cylinder/valve combinations
Fully assembled and tested drive units: integrated drive, valve, actuation, throttle and diagnostic module

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