Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic drives
Servo-pneumatic positioning systems
Electrical positioning systems
Vacuum technology
Pneumatic drives: standard and application-optimised, drives with linear guide and cylinder-valve combinations as well as accessories
Servopneumatic systems consisting of controller, proportional valve and linear or semi-rotary drive with displacement encoder
Positioning systems with electrical drives and harmonised motor-controller packages
Complete vacuum range consisting of simple vacuum generators, valves suitable for vacuum and vacuum grippers
Valve terminals
Control technology
Sensors for pressure, vacuum and flow rate, inductive and optoelectronic sensors
Standard valves and universal valves, application-optimised, manually and mechanically actuated valves, non-return valves, flow control valves and pressure regulators
Universal valve terminals, standard valve terminals and application-optimised valve terminals for every requirement
Electrical and pneumatic control units and peripheral devices for simple and complex control tasks in automation
Compressed air preparation
Tubing and tubing connectors
Image processing systems
Handling and positioning systems
Service units for compressed air preparation in diverse sectors, universal or application-specific
Pipes, tubing and fittings for different environments: from standard requirements to food industry compatible or media-resistant tubing/fitting combinations
Pick & place, linear gantries and three-dimensional gantries: The fast route to a multi-axis system via the modular system
Checkboxes in various versions for inspection, counting or sorting of small parts and intelligent compact vision systems for monitoring of quick motion sequences

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