Compressed air preparation

Service units
Filter regulators
Compressed air distributors
Two series of service units for compressed air preparation, consisting of various equipment combinations
Space-saving design with filter and regulator in a single unit
Filters with manual or fully automatic condensate drain for various compressed air quality classes: Standard filters, Fine filters, Micro filters, Active carbon filters
Pressure regulators for compressed air preparation: standard regulators, precision pressure regulators, electronically controlled pressure regulators and regulator manifolds
Distributor blocks with 4 ports as intermediate outlets for various compressed air qualities, providing support for additional modules.
On-off, soft-start and exhaust valves
Air dryers
Condensate drains
Pressure amplifiers
Proportional lubricators with precision oil metering to enrich compressed air for lubricating pneumatic components
On-off valves and soft-start valves
Adsorption dryers with a defined pressure dew point and high flow rate, plus membrane air dryers with a flow rate-dependent pressure dew point
Condensate drains for mounting on service units, compressed air networks and compressed air systems to automatically drain accumulated condensate
Pressure boosters to amplify compressed air directly in the application
Accessories for compressed air preparation
Mounting attachments, connecting plates, safety components, pressure indicators and device-specific accessories

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